Cadillac Casting Director Says Alt-Right Casting Call Was “Altered”

Cadillac started this weekend off in the middle of a PR crisis after a casting call went viral on social media looking for “Alt-right” Neo Nazis.

According to a casting call, the notice said the casting company The Cast Station was looking for “any and all real alt-right thinkers/believers.” The casting call says they are looking to film a commercial encompassing all types of people found in America.

The casting company, The Cast Station, took to Facebook to address the controversy by saying the casting call was a mistake and created by an employee was immediately fired. The casting company went on to say that a 3rd party altered the casting call without their knowledge and posted it on social medial.

“A casting notice for an “alt-right” role in a Cadillac commercial was issued by mistake on Friday, Dec 9th. The notice was drafted by an employee, who was immediately terminated for her actions,” the casting company said on Facebook. “Additionally an outside third party further altered the breakdown without our knowledge and posted it on social media. Cadillac unequivocally did not authorize this notice or anything like it, and we apologize to Cadillac for the ex-employee’s actions.”

Cadillac tried to handle the backlash on Twitter and on Facebook. “Cadillac did not authorize or approve a casting notice for an ‘alt-right (neo-nazi)’ role in a commercial. We unequivocally condemn the notice and are seeking immediate answers from our creative agency, production company and any casting companies involved.”

Alternative Right
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Salinas, California – May 25, 2016: Protesters hold signs in front of the Hillary Clinton rally at Hartnell College, including one sign that reads: “Where is Hillary E-Mails?” (David Litman /

The alt-right, alternative right, is a Conservative extremist group that support white nationalism. The movement has been associated with white supremacy, homophobia and anti feminism. The movement, which is popular on anonymous message forums such as 4chan, generally support President-elect Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s attitude regarding immigration and political correctness.


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