McDonald’s Announces UberEATS Delivery Service in Miami, Orlando and Tampa

McDonald’s partners with UberEATS to deliver food in Orlando, Miami, and Tampa.

Whether you are traveling across the interstate or visiting a shopping mall, you are pretty much guaranteed to spot a McDonald’s fast food restaurant.

Now, McDonald’s is working on making it even easier to order a Big Mac, large fries and an apple pie. The fast food giant is partnering with UberEats in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida.

Starting early 2017 stores across Florida’s biggest cities will start delivering fast food to people. McDonald’s plans on going worldwide by 2018.

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Partnering up with UberEATS and updating the McDonald’s app, the fast food giant will provide delivery service from 25,000 different fast food McDonald’s restaurants.

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UberEATS is tapping into the growing food delivery market. Instead of transporting people, UberEATS transports food. As part of an expansion of the Uber service, the new feature connects Uber drivers with people interested in getting their food delivered.

Earlier this week, Uber unleashed their self-driving cars in San Francisco, California. However, that did not come without some problems.

On Wednesday, the California Department of Motor Vehicles called for Uber to end their self-driving car program in San Francisco or the company could encounter future legal consequences.

Brian Soublet, California’s DMV director argued, if the company obtained a permit for testing autonomous vehicles prior to launching the program, Uber would not have had a problem.

Therefore, he asserts it is illegal for Uber to operate with self-driving cars until they fill out the required paperwork.

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Then on the same day the program is launched, one of the Volvos featuring self-driving car technology was filmed running a red light sparking controversy. Uber would later say it was the driver’s fault and not the technology.

This is not the first time McDonald’s talked about about delivery service for their consumers. In 2015, during a SXSW panel discussion, the company said they were always looking for ground breaking ideas. One such idea was developing drone technology that delivered fast food to moving cars.