Researchers Create Heat-Activated Penis Implant

Researchers have developed a new way to combat impotence by using a heat-activated penis implant.

Approximately 3 million people in the United States experience impotence. The disease primarily affects men 40 years and older. But in 1998, Viagra became a popular drug that could treat erectile dysfunction. However, for about a third of all men experiencing ED, Viagra does not work.

Stock Photo: KUSADASI, TURKEY – JANUARY 20: Viagra was originally developed by Pfizer as an erectile dysfunction drug. (Sean Nel /

Northwestern University researchers have developed a device that could help treat erectile dysfunction.

Published in “Oncology” Brian Le and his team of researchers have innovated a new way to help men gain an erection by using a heat-activated penis implant.

The Northwestern University research term explained that the device allows for patients to obtain an erection without the use of an inflatable pump or drugs like Viagra.

Patients interested in obtaining the device would simply need an operation to implant the device. The implant will then expand and become erect when heated. The penis implant expands once it becomes warmer than the normal body temperature.

Le and his team are currently working on a remote-control device to enlarge the penis implant. In addition, Le explained that he plans on continuing his research and in 5 to 10 years the device would become available to urologists and their patients.

Prosthesis Penile Surgery

Penile Prosthesis surgeries are not a novel surgical advancement. Developed in the 1970s penile prosthesis surgeries provided a safe solution for men who have exhausted all other treatment options. However, early penile prosthesis surgeries suffered from mechanical malfunctions and high infection rates. But, modern medicine has made improvements in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

A 2016 survey of Australians with penile prostheses found that most men were satisfied with their sex life. In fact, Brindha Pillay and his team of researchers found 80% of men did not report having any symptoms of depression. In addition, only 22% of men reported feeling mild anxiety.


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