ADT Partners with Amazon to Delivery Home Security

In a joint statement, Amazon and ADT announced they would be partnering to deliver a home security solution. The partnership will merge ADT’s Pulse with Amazon’s Alexa and will users to monitor, arm, and disarm their home security systems.

According to reports the combined solution will be available later this month and will include an update for the ADT Pulse. This update will link Pulse with Alexa-enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo and the Dot. Once users sync the devices with a four-digit PIN code then they will be able to use voice commands to manage their home.

Additional functionality will include the ability to link other Pulse-compatible devices such as smart deadbolts and lights. This will give users the ability to manage their home as long as they are within earshot of their Alexa device.

While the Pulse is not the first home security system to link with Alexa, Mike George, Vice President of Alexa, pointed out that the company is ‘excited to work with a leading security company like ADT to expand the Alexa smart home experience through their new skill.’

Stock Photo: JANUARY 27, 2014 – BERLIN: the logo of the brand “ADT”.

The future of Amazon’s Echo

The partnership with ADT is just one part of Amazon’s plans to expand the capabilities of Alexa. In fact, Amazon has announced plans to pull back the curtain on a number of added features. These will help the Echo and Dot to maintain their lead on competitive devices such as Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

As part of this push Amazon is working with DISH to merge Alexa voice control and DISH’s Hopper DVR. Whirlpool is also working to connect its smart appliances as part of an all-embracing in-home connectivity solution.  Not to be left out, Lenovo is partnering with Alexa on a series of smart devices.

But this is just one part of the plans that Amazon has for Alexa as it seeks to develop multiple distribution agreements. This will allow Amazon to build an ecosystem around Alexa, something which observers see as key to ensuring the dominance of the Echo and Dot for years to come.

Shares of Amazon were trading up 0.24% on early trading on Wednesday at $755.49.