Study: Long-Term Effects of Gastric Bypass in Teens

While obesity is a major epidemic in America especially, among children and young adults, not too much is known about the impact of bariatric surgery on teens. However, a new study published in “The Lancet: Diabetes & Endocrinology” examined the impact of bariatric surgery on adolescents.

Dr. Thomas H. Inge, MD and his team of researchers discovered that gastric bypass surgery among adolescents resulted in long-term health benefits and weight loss.

Researchers examined the benefits of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass of 58 young adults around the age of 17. The results of their study saw a body mass index decrease of about 30%. However, approximately 48% of the 58 patients studied exhibited mild anaemia, 45% had hyperparathyroidism, and 16% had low amounts of vitamin B12.

Dr. Inge explained in his study that after gastric bypass surgery adolescents should focus on dietary supplements. In addition, researchers also assert physicians should monitor micronutrients following gastric bypass surgery among adolescents.

This news comes after recent research on gastric bypass surgery found many individuals exhibited digestive problems following the surgery. Researchers examined over 200 obese patients who underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. They discovered that over 70% of the patients in the study had complained of indigestion and problems eating foods with high fat or high sugar content. In addition, those same patients  also had issues eating red meat.

Teenage Obesity in America

Obesity America
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In America, the average weight of kids has increased by more than ten pounds within the past 30 years. Now, one in three children are currently overweight or obese. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health published a study in ‘The Lancet’ arguing that energy-rich and nutrient-poor foods promote weight gain in early childhood. In turn, leading to chronic health issues among teens and adolescents.

How can parents prevent kids from becoming overweight? The NIH suggests that activities should be promoted to improve children’s health, avoiding high sugar beverages and avoiding sedentary activities.


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