Monopoly is Letting Fans Vote for the Next Game Tokens

For over 80 years, Monopoly has been one of the most popular board games in the country. Now, Monopoly is letting fans to vote and choose the next pieces for the upcoming updated version of the game.

Starting January 10th through January 31st, Monopoly fans can visit and choose eight different tokens that they would like to see in the updated version of the game. Voters have the chance to choose from over 50 tokens ranging from emojis, to sunglasses, to even mopeds.

The most popular game pieces or tokens will appear in the upcoming updated version of Monopoly called “Token Madness”.

This is not the first time Hasbro has changed a Monopoly game token. Three years ago, Monopoly held a poll on Facebook which led to the replacement of the classic iron with a cat. Then in 2015, Hasbro commented on their “Here & Now” version of the game to update cities and in 2016, the company created the “Ultimate Banking” Monopoly version getting rid of paper money for debit cards.

Monopoly Emoji tokens?

The decision to feature emojis may not be a bad idea. A study composed by Facebook found that older people tend to say “LOL” in comparison to younger generations. In fact, the study found younger people use emojis more frequently. Facebook said that after they analyzed comments in May 2015, they found young people prefer to use emojis in conversations, while older people use “LOL”. In addition, women also prefered emojis to letters in conversations.

Not to mention, a recent 2016 study by researchers at the University of Michigan examining over 400 million conversations featuring emojis, researchers found that the way people use emojis change depending upon where they live. In addition, the tears of joy emoji was the most popular emoji in the world.