‘Family Tree Now’ Shares a Large Amount of Your Personal Info

Since before Facebook existed, websites have existed on the inter-webs that compiled personal information and allowing users to search through it.

Nowadays, hackers work in groups to break into websites to collect personal information such as passwords, e-mail address and security questions. But, what if I told you that a website one website is making international headlines because it is making it easier for anyone to search personal information of people for free without ever making an account.

According to the Washington Post, FamilyTreeNow.com collects personal information from public records, then the website compiles that information creating profiles on people that includes a large array of personal details including their age, date of birth, family members, phone numbers and addresses. Because the website is so easily accessible and provides so much information, there have been privacy concerns about the website.

How to opt-out from Family Tree Now:

If you are interested in opting out of Family Tree Now here’s what you have to do:

  1. Search for your name and profile
  2. Click the opt-out button

While the website allows people to opt-out, the Washington Post reports that getting your request through to the website owners is not that easy.

It’s important to note that Family Tree Now is not the only website that shares personal information with their users. Other websites have the same features but, the main difference is that Family Tree Now does not require a membership, subscription or login to use their features.

This is not the first time privacy concerns have drawn a lot of controversy. Earlier this year, there have several websites have been hacked including Yahoo, which led to one of the biggest hacks in history with over 1 billion accounts breached.