Microsoft Ending Security Bulletins Next Month

Weeks after Microsoft signed a $927 million contract with the US government, the tech company announced that they will be ending their security bulletins next month. Instead, Microsoft will be using Security Updates Guide, an online database featuring security guides.

Microsoft announced last November their move towards a Security Updates Guidance center. But, this week Microsoft revealed that the system will go live starting this February.

Microsoft explains that the new portal will allow for users to search through security vulnerability information, filter out products that do not apply to users, and a new RESTful API that will make it easier for Microsoft users to apply vulnerability updates. In addition, Microsoft explains that users can benefit enhanced security features by enabling automatic updates.

Windows Updates
MONTREAL, CANADA – FEBRUARY, 2016 – Microsoft Update on the web under magnifying glass. (Image Credit: dennizn / Shutterstock, Inc.)

This news comes after an email scam was targeting Microsoft users to turn computers into bots via the Neutrino exploit virus. According to researchers at Malwarebytes, hackers are pretending to be from the Microsoft Security Office and asking for people to download a document, which in turns out to be a virus. Once a computer is infected, the virus then has the ability to launch DDoS attacks, track keyboard inputs, and take screenshots.

In other Microsoft news, Microsoft announced the acquisition of the artificial intelligence startup Maluuba. On Friday, Microsoft explained that their new software has invented the technology that can understand natural language and in turn can learn and make decisions. Microsoft’s executive VP of the Artificial Intelligence Group explained that Maluuba’s mission is to implement artificial intelligence that “think, reason and communicate like humans”.

In addition, last December, the Defense Information Systems Agency revealed that Microsoft signed a contract with the Pentagon to provide a “Blue Badge Cardholder support”, which is the highest level of sales support. Essentially, the new type of support will give the Pentagon access to Microsoft’s source code, which had some industry experts worried.