Nintendo Reveals Nintendo Switch Pricing, Video Games and More

While Nintendo is still reeling from the release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo announced this week their latest gaming system, Nintendo Switch. The company first announced their new video game console in 2015 under the codename NX. Then on Friday, Nintendo held a live-event revealing intricate details about Switch including upcoming video games, pricing, and how the gaming system will work.

About Nintendo Switch

Following Nintendo’s Wii and then WiiU, the next video game console is a mixture between a tablet computer and a gaming console. The main features included in Nintendo’s Switch includes tablet and “Joy-Con” controllers. These detachable controllers can be attached to the side of the tablet, which allows for the video game console to be played like a modern-day version of their world famous Game Boy. Or, the controllers can be used like an updated version of the Wii-U.


Nintendo Switch will be hitting stores on March 3rd and will cost $299. Switch will come with a tablet, two Joy-Con controllers, a Joy-Con grip and a dock that can connect to a TV and charge the tablet.


While the Nintendo Switch tablet is placed inside the dock, the tablet will be charged and users can play video game system like any traditional video game console like Xbox One or Playstation 4. However, the biggest difference between Nintendo Switch and its competitors is that if a user is interested in playing the video game console on the go, then they can easily remove the tablet from the dock along with the controllers and they are good to go.

In addition, the controllers can also allow for two people to play at one time. Not to mention, Nintendo explains that the battery life for the Nintendo Switch tablet is approximately between two to six hours, depending upon the game. Nintendo also explains that the Switch can also network with other Switch consoles as long as they are connected under the same Wi-Fi network.

Nintendo Switch Games

A video game console could be amazing but, meaningless if there are no games available on the console. To fix that, Nintendo will be releasing two main games this March. The two video games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild and a new video game franchise called 1 2 Switch. 1 2 Switch is described as a reaction based game that allows for two people to play at a time. (You can check out a trailer of 1 2 Switch below.)

In addition, Nintendo will be releasing a video games role-playing fans. I Am Setsuna, a Japanese role-playing game, from Square Enix will also be released this March. It is worth noting that, I Am Setsuna was already released for Playstation 4 last year. Moreover, Ubisoft will be releasing a Just Dance video game for Nintendo Switch.

Then in April, Nintendo revealed that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be released for Switch. Skyrim, NBA2k18 are also expected to become Switch compatible. Nintendo also announced that they will be releasing a paid subscription program to allow for multiplayer service, however, the company the did not reveal how much that service would cost.

32 video games are expected to be released for Nintendo Switch but, presumably more games will be announced as Switch’s release date draws nearer.