Google Adsense Reveals a New Feature: Meet ‘Ad Balance’

On Friday, Google Adsense released a new feature, Ad balance, to help improve advertising and user experience for their publishers and their users.

According to a blog posting, Ad Balance allow for publishers to reduce the number of ads on a page. Google explains that it is about finding the right mixture between advertising, content and user experience.

How does Google’s new feature work?

The new feature will allow for users to see how changes in the number of ads affect how much a publisher can make. But, ultimately it is about finding the balance.

“Ad balance lets you reduce the number of ads you show to your users. Finding the right balance between the number of ads you show and the user experience on your site can lead to better overall engagement with your content,” Google explained.

“With Ad balance, you’re able to see how changes in the volume of ads you show affect your earnings, and find the balance that makes the most sense for you and your users,” Google added.

How does Ad Balance work?

Google Adsense Ad Balance

Ad Balance works by showing users the best-performing ads instead of all of the ads. However, Google explains that this could result in a slight drop in earnings. But, Adsense does point out that the change in user experience could also lead to an increase in profits.

“These changes may result in an overall earnings increase, since an improvement of the user experience often leads to users staying longer on your site and engaging with more of your content,” Google explains.

Adsense’s Ad Balance is the first feature following Google’s AdSense Labs announcement. AdSense Labs was first announced on June 2016 with two main goals: showing fewer advertisements and Inline ads. Ad Balance is accomplished the first goal. Google’s next Lab will be Inline Ads, which are 320×100 ad units that are algorithmically inserted within a mobile website as a user scrolls down through the page.