Apple Airpods Advertising Blitz Coming Soon

Apple has announced an advertising blitz to counter displeasure about their wireless earbuds, Airpods. The earbuds were hailed of a key development when the iPhone 7 was released last year, but many users have noted they are difficult to use and easy to lose. In addition, replacement costs can be quite prohibitive.

As with all Apple ads, they are sleek and well-crafted. However, observers such as CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk have noted that the ads ‘say little’. This might be the challenge Apple faces in overcoming concerns about wireless earbuds. While few people have lost one, the fear of doing so, is palpable.

In addition, to the fear of losing an earbud is that fact that many Apple users have had negative experiences with Bluetooth headphones in the past. Besides potential connectivity issues, there are battery issues. These include failing to charge, running out when you need them most (a common issue with Apple’s devices), and the fleeting useful life of these devices.

While Apple believes its wireless earbuds have overcome many of these issues, convincing users is another challenge. As such, the new advertisements seek to show how users can enjoy an active life with the wireless earbuds.

This includes showing Lil’ Buck dancing on the side of a car or even upside down.  It would be nice to see common people pulling off these extraordinary moves with the new earbuds.

The choice to convert to wireless earbuds probably has more to do with managing circuit board real estate on iPhones more than anything else. Eliminating the earphone jack frees up space for the circuit board itself, or even better a larger battery.

However, this does not overcome the fact that replacement earbuds from Apple cost nearly $160.  This is more than five times the cost of replacing traditional earphones. As such, the consternation about the new earbuds is easily understand.

Another challenge might be the design. While Apple has sought to make the device unobtrusive, the recent is something which harks back to the days when handsfree Bluetooth headsets were awkward at best.

Given Apple’s decision to invest in an ad campaign for wireless earbuds probably means that they are here to stay.