Twitter Waves Goodbye to Fabric as Google Agrees to Buy Twitter’s Developer Tools

Twitter has suffered several quarters of losses and a new acquisition by Google shows how not only how the Twitter corporation plans to stay alive but, how Google plans to profit off of Twitter. The day after Twitter shut down their Vine app, Twitter’s developer program Fabric is going to be acquired by Google.

Launched in 2014, Fabric’s goal was to provide tools to help developers create apps. Since then, the company has grown to reach over 2 billion active mobile devices. The program helps developers understand their users and in turn help them grow their business.

“Today we enter the next chapter for Fabric and are pleased to announce that we’ve signed an agreement for Fabric to be acquired by Google and for our team to join Google’s Developer Products Group, working with the Firebase team, Rich Paret, Fabric’s VP of Engineering & GM explained in a blog post.

Paret explained that after meeting with Google they “realized that our missions are the same”.

Google also explained that their plan is to improve and expand their Firebase platform. Firebase product manager, Francis Ma, explained that Fabric helped create great tools for developers including Answers and Fastlane. In the next few weeks, Ma explains that the two companies will work together to “combine our strengths” during their transition period. Ultimately, Google explains that their goal is to deliver a complete set of features for mobile application development programs.

“We’re committed to making mobile app development seamless, so that developers can focus more of their time on building creative experiences,” Ma explained.

NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 7: The Twitter logo is shown in front of the NYSE on November 7, 2013 in New York (Anthony Correia / Shutterstock, Inc.)

Google’s acquisition of Fabric comes after Twitter announced 9% layoffs in the company. Twitter reported that they will start to focus on increasing growth in order to increase the company’s revenue. Then, Twitter announced that they would be shutting down the Vine application, an app that competed directly with Instagram. Unfortunately for Twitter, Instagram won the war. In fact, following the release of Instagram video, usage of the Vine app to decrease by 70 percent.