Google Continues to Invest and Innovate Google+

Google is still working and developing their social network platform, Google+.

Google+’s product manager, Danielle Buckley, posted a blog post illustrating the new changes for the social network. The new changes include hiding low-quality conversations, improving UI/UX, and the introduction of events.

Buckley explains that Google+ is focused on creating good conversations on the platform. In order to accomplish this, Google+ has added a new feature that allows for users to hide lower quality posts. In turn, the new platform will allow for users to “focus on the comments that matter the most.”

Google Plus Comments

In addition, Google+ updated the way posts look on the social network platform. For example, photographers can share large images on the social network and users can zoom into photos. In turn, letting users “get up close and personal” with images.

Finally, Google’s social network will bring back Events starting January 24th. Users will be able to create and join events listed on the platform.

“With this latest round of updates, we believe the new Google+ is really your Google+— designed around your suggestions, requests and needs,” Buckley explains. “It also means it’s time to say goodbye to classic Google+ on the web, which we’ll be turning down on January 24,” Buckley added.

Google is continuing to innovate and develop their social network but, since the company launched the social network they have face tougher competition. For instance, Facebook still has over 1 billion users. Albeit, the company has been busy waging a war against fake news.

Then there is Snapchat. Snap Inc’s Snapchat has become extremely popular among teenagers and millennials. In fact, a 2016 study examining social media use among teens found Snapchat as the most popular social media app with 28% of all teens surveyed said Snapchat was their favorite social media platform. Meanwhile, only 1% of teens reported using Google’s social network.