Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Photos Surface Online

Just days after The Ellen DeGeneres Show posted a trailer for the upcoming interview with Kris Jenner, TMZ now has shared Kim Kardashian robbery crime scene photos.

Last October, Kim Kardashian traveled to Paris for fashion week. One night, she was held at gunpoint and robbed inside her hotel. The robbers gained access into the hotel by threatening the concierge. Once inside Kim Kardashian’s hotel room, the thieves duct taped her arms, legs and mouth while also holding her at gun point.

French news TF1 has released photos related to the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in October. The photos were obtained by TMZ and give the world an inside look into Kim Kardashian’s hotel on the night of the robbery.

The first few photos give us a look into Kim’s hotel bathroom where she was allegedly forced into a bathtub. In addition, photos of the duct tape used by the suspects to restrain her while the suspects made away with millions of dollars in jewelry.

Four men are facing charges after 16 people were arrested in January in connection to the Paris robbery. According to TMZ, the people involved in the robbery used codes to discuss the crime over the phone.

Following the robbery, most of Kim Kardashian’s lost jewelry was allegedly melted down and sold. However, her ring is still reportedly in the robbers possession because they are afraid to sell it because the stone highly recognizable.

This news comes after the robbers allegedly received all of the information they need to commit the robbery by looking from Kardashian’s social media posts.