Facebook Messenger Reactions Coming Soon?

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has released a bevy of features ranging from their WhatsApp’s Status to Instagram’s Stories. Illustrating Zuckerberg’s commitment to adding new features to his company’s social networking applications.

Now Facebook wants you to chat and react in the same way you see your friends’ messages that you would do on a typical Facebook newsfeed post.

According to reports, Facebook Messenger is currently testing a reactions option on chat message posts. When a user hovers over a message that their friends sent in a chat message, users get to pick emojis that best identify with their feelings. For example, users can give a message a thumbs up, thumbs down, dislike, and emojis. Everyone within the chat message will then be able to see the reaction.

Facebook says that this new feature will make the application more “fun and engaging.” Currently, the social networking company is testing this new feature with a small group of people and allowing users to share reactions that best represents how they feel in response a particular message.

At the moment not everyone has access as new reactions feature. However, if everything continues to go well, then messenger reactions will become available to everyone across the Facebook Messenger platform.

It is important to point out that Facebook’s messenger reactions are quite similar to iMessages recently added tap-based emoji.

But, ultimately the easier Facebook makes Messenger, the better the odds company can compete with other messaging apps including the newly publicly offered company Snap and the Snapchat app. It is typically a rule of thumb the easier an application is it is, the more likely users are going to use it.

By offering new reactions to the Facebook Messenger app users will be able to message and communicate in the same way that they respond to the current newsfeed system. That said, we will have to wait and see if Facebook will release this application to the public worldwide.