Ciara Was In a Serious Car Accident Today

Ciara was involved in a car accident on Friday while driving around Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, the singer, who is currently in her third trimester, was attempting to make a left turn in her SUV when a Volvo SUV hit her on the passenger side door.

After exiting the vehicle, Ciara was reportedly seen walking around holding her chest and shoulder while talking with someone on the phone. Ciara and the driver of the Volva shared information, and neither reported any major injuries.

A source close to Ciara told People that “she’s fine.”

This news comes after Ciara shared pictures from a photo shoot that she took with her son and her husband for Harper’s Bazaar.

The picture of Ciara and her husband quickly went viral. Many people poked fun at her by photoshopping the photo and adding her ex, Future, into the picture. Meanwhile, others joked about how revealing the picture was.

“I’m just super excited about this time in my life,” she told Harpers. “Like, oh my gosh, I can see my son running around, and soon it’s going to be two of these creatures running around! Our hand will be full of non-stop action.”

At the end of the day, we are happy to see that Ciara is doing well after the accident.