Samsung Announces Their New Phone – Meet Samsung S8

Samsung’s latest phone is finally here. After spending months cleaning up the chaos left after the company’s Galaxy Note 7 controversy, the company is planning for a reboot.

On Wednesday, Samsung revealed their latest phones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus.


The Galaxy S8 is currently one of the most aesthetically pleasing phones you can buy. The curved display nearly covers around the entire front of the phone. Samsung calls their new face the Infinity Display.

Samsung’s Bixby

Another major feature the Galaxy S8 offers is Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant that promises to control everything on your phone with your voice. Currently, Bixby, which starts with a dedicated button on the side of the phone is only limited to Samsung’s apps and functions on the phone. Bixby can also use the camera to identify objects and search the internet for information regarding that object.

Bixby also comes with a new home panel that resides to the left of the phone’s main screen. This menu panel contains information relevant to you, which is similar to Google’s Google Now feature that currently exists in Android phones.

Samsung plans to allow for third-party developers enable Bixby in their Android apps and start incorporating features from Viv, the artificial-intelligence company created by the creators of Siri, which Samsung purchased in 2016. It is early to declare if Bixby is a better feature than Apple’s Siri feature.

Another new feature included in the Samsung S8 and the S8 plus is the fingerprint sensor. The sensor was embedded in the home button found in previous Galaxy phones. Now the fingerprint sensor is found on the back of the device adjacent next to the camera. The fingerprint sensor can be used to unlock the device and secure folders.

Samsung also includes a front-facing camera which includes built-in face detection that can be programmed to unlock your phone when you look at the camera.

Samsung can be used a portable desktop computer

Another cool trick the Galaxy S8 can do is become a personal desktop computer. The phone can connect to a monitor, keyboard and a mouse and function as a lightweight desktop computer running on Android Operating software. The dock is called DeX and will be sold separately. however, at this time, Samsung has not announced a price for the product.

The biggest question is whether or not the Samsung S8 will explode.

Samsung announced earlier this year that it would use a new design of safety checks for all of their future devices. While there is no guarantee, we will not know for sure until the product is available for the public.