New Changes to Twitter Are Coming Soon

To attract new users to the social network, Twitter is redesigning their applications. The renovations to their mobile, desktop and web platforms is not a major change from its prior user experience but, the updates will include a series of small changes to things like where settings are located, changes to the typography, and more.

Instead of tapping over to your profile to find the settings section on iOS, everything related to settings has been moved to a new left-side navigation menu. That means you will no longer see a “profile” button at the top of the app. Twitter says the new change will reduce clutter. Now, users can sweep right on the home screen to see the new menu, where you will find your profile, setting sand other options.

Twitter, inc.

For Android users, these changes were implemented last summer, and because of their positive response, Twitter is making those changes to iOS.

Other changes to the Twitter app include profile icons are now round instead of square. Plus, typography is more consistent, while headlines such as “Trending Now” are bolder to increase user engagement.

In addition, Twitter has changed their Reply icon. The icon was fairly standard and a recognizable symbol. But in an effort to appear to new users, the arrow has been changed into a conversation bubble, similar to Facebook’s comment icon.

While the changes are not major, the change illustrates how Twitter is evolving. Twitter was original a messaging system that allowed for microblogging. It has later become a place for people to engage in group chats. Now, you can post nearly anything from text, to photos, to videos, and most recently moments. Now, the new “comment” feature will make it similar to Facebook, which may help the company attract new users.

The Retweet, Like, and DM icons also were revamped and changed.

It is important to note that changes such as the ability to edit previous tweets have not been implemented. Currently, the company has 328 million monthly active users, which could be attributed to Donald Trump’s tweets.

JUNE 13, 2017: Close up of mobile phone screen with the Twitter account of Donald Trump. The American President has over 32 million followers on Twitter. (Editorial credit: Tero Vesalainen /

The biggest change iOS users may see is that web links will now open in Safari’s View controller within the Twitter app, which will make it easier to access accounts other websites.

Twitter says the changes will be launched today to Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android through an update.