Apple’s Wants to Make Family-Friendly TV Shows

Apple is planning to spend $1 billion to create original content, according to a report by Bloomberg. But, the type of content Apple is seeking to produce is more family-friendly than you would expect.

The report claims Apple wants every show it produces suitable enough for an Apple Store, instead of content that includes strong language, nudity, and violence. Hollywood producers pitched edgier content but, that type of content has been turned away for more PG-rated kind of shows and movies.

The company is also planning on having a selection of shows ready for release by 2019. Moreover, unlike the previous Apple productions, Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke: The Series,  the new shows will be available on a different platform. Instead, Apple Music will include music videos and documentaries.

Tim Cook
DUBLIN, IRELAND – 11/11/2015 Apple CEO, Tim Cook, takes selfies with members of the Trinity College Dublin Philosophical Society after he was presented with the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage (Laura Hutton / Shutterstock, Inc.)

This decision for more family friendly content should not come as a surprise. For example, Carpool Karaoke was supposed to launch in April, but it was delayed until August due to some of the content. “Days before Apple Inc. planned to celebrate the release of its first TV show last spring at a Hollywood hotel, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook told his deputies the fun had to wait. Foul language and references to vaginal hygiene had to be cut from some episodes of Carpool Karaoke, a show featuring celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Blake Shelton, and Chelsea Handler cracking jokes while driving around Los Angeles.”

But the release of the series was not that big of a deal, “While the delay of Carpool Karaoke was widely reported last April, the reasons never were. Edits were made, additional episodes were shot, and Apple shifted resources to another show. When Carpool Karaoke was released in August, it didn’t make much of a splash.”

The enterprise has been working hard to find new and original content. The company hired Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, two Sony Pictures Television executives to lead the video programming push. Apple also hired several other industry executives.

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