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Halloween edibles

This Halloween, New Jersey’s Gloucester County is warning kids and parents to be on the lookout for marijuana candy edibles. Officers issued a warning to parents on Thursday to beware of marijuana “gummy” candy this Halloween.

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, there is an influx of marijuana candy in New Jersey and other nearby states. Officials say the presence of marijuana in candy is a major health risk, especially to unknowing children who consume the candy on Halloween. It is important to point out, Marijuana candy is illegal in New Jersey and the edibles contain THC, the main ingredient that causes the “high” feeling.

“Parents need to be aware and check for unusual candy packaging. If they suspect their child has received marijuana candy they should immediately contact their local police department,” and Freeholder Jim Jefferson, Liaison to the Addictions Task Force explained.

Due to the similarities between marijuana and candy, sometimes it is difficult to spot the differences between the two. That said, as Fox 29 reports, the edibles may have a smell that is similar to marijuana.