Instagram Superzoom: Here’s How It Works

Instagram is a popular social media. The social network has a massive number of active users totaling to 88 million users, networked together, as of September 2017. In the upcoming years, arguably, it can give serious competition to the likes of Facebook and Google.

One of the reasons people love Instagram is due to vibrant filters and exotic photo effects. A new feature is known as “Superzoom” has been added to the inventory of Instagram

Functionality of Superzoom

Not too long ago, a viral video surfaced the YouTube, depicting a dramatic chipmunk. Over time, it quickly became a notable figure in the meme world. Although in actual, it was a prairie dog and not a chipmunk, the mainstream media depicted the creature as a lively chipmunk.


The Superzoom feature allows you to transform your face just like that ‘dramatic chipmunk.’ This feature is now available on both IOS and Android. With a tap of a button, you get to transform your face into a zooming state of a chipmunk; This is much easier, compared to what video editors or Photoshop enthusiasts used to spend hours, fixing additional effects to zoom-in on a picture and then add the required “chipmunk” vibe.

To activate the Superzoom, one should access the camera of Instagram Stories. Next to the “Boomerang feature”, lies the function of Superzoom. Based on the user preference of front or rear camera of opting for a shot, a user can tap the button to capture moments. Upon the tap, a three-second Superzoom would be recorded.

However, if a user decides to keep holding the button, a user can extend the video up to fifteen seconds.

NOTE: Users need to update the Instagram mobile app, to see the “Superzoom” feature. If it is still not available, try logging out and then back in, to have unlimited fun with Superzoom.