Corey Feldman Says People Are Trying To Kill Him Because of His Hollywood Documentary

Following the Harvey Weinstein allegations that several actresses have either been sexually assaulted or harassed, actor Corey Feldman has vowed to produce a documentary exposing pedophiles in Hollywood.

Feldman sat down with Megan Kelly on Monday morning to explain why he is attempting to crowdfunding $10 million to produce a documentary on the topic, instead of just naming names. When asked by Kelly why he wouldn’t just come forward with names, Feldman said he gave names of abusers to police who were investigating Michael Jackson at the time of the pop star’s molestation case, and nothing happened.

That said, Feldman said his security is a priority and that he actively fears for his life over the documentary. “Somebody tried to kill me the other day, I’ve been arrested, this is no joke,” he told Kelly.

“Someone tried to kill you?” she exclaimed. “Two trucks come speeding at me, on the highway, at the same time,” Feldman claimed. “Okay I was with six other people, I have many witnesses to this. Now I’m not saying they were trying to kill Corey Feldman; they were definitely trying to kill a group of people walking across the street.” Why were you and your friends walking across the highway in the first place, Corey Feldman?

Feldman continued by saying he doesn’t have protection from the law and that the $10 million would go towards his legal fees to represent himself. “Truth is an absolute defense to any defamation case, and every victim needs to know this,” Kelly pointed out. Kelly also pointed out that he should have nothing to worry about if he is telling the truth.

So far, Feldman has raised $160,000 of the $10 million he says he needs to make his movie.