Some Google Docs Users Are Not Able To Access Their Files

A number of people across the globe suffered a setback from the tech giant, Google. There have been reports of users getting locked out of their Google Docs with a message stating that those users have been violating the terms of service of Google.

Google users went to Twitter to express their rage. Users reported having been locked out of their document pieces claim a range of topics including wildfire crimes, post-socialist Eastern Europe and a response to reviewers about the submission of an academic journal.

What’s worrying is that people don’t realize what they give up, for the sake of technology. Inside the Google’s “term of service”, it is clearly mentioned that the company is collecting data from its users. The company monitors the usage of people’s respective data. This includes photos, videos, Gmail, map searches and browsing history.

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The company says that the automated systems are responsible for data analysis. Just as a person sends or receives anything via Google platform, it is automatically analyzed.

Living in the digital technology sure has its perks, but they come with a price. For the sake of technology, you have to figure out what you’re getting into.

About the Google Docs, the company issued the statement that a code push was made recently which incorrectly flagged a small percentage of total Google Docs as abusive. This automatically blocked the users out of their Google Docs. The company further said that a fix is taking place and very soon, all the users who have been locked out, will be able to have full access to their contents.

Google has publicly apologized for the disruption of services and hopes to implement processes, which will prevent this sort of nuisance from happening again.

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