Scientists Have Discovered A Mysterious Space In Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Roxanne Desgagnés via Unsplash

Egypt’s Great Pyramid is one of the world’s mysterious man-made creations in the world. While scientists have largely made massive discoveries, it seems that there is more to the pyramids than meets the eye. By using radiation from space, a documentary producer made a major discovery.

The revelation refers tot he Great Pyramid of Giza, which is the final resting place of Khufu. The Great Pyramid is the biggest of three pyramids, and within there have been three chambers found inside, The King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber, and unfinished chamber cut into the bedrock underneath the pyramid. There is a long hallway called the Grand Gallery that leads to the King’s Chamber, where scientists discovered the space.

Scientists from Cairo University and the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute used a specific type of cosmic rays called muons. Muons are tiny subatomic particles that bombard our atmosphere all the time, and they are useful in this case because stone and air can absorb muons in different ways. So, as you examine the absorption of muons, you can find voids inside of the stone. That is how scientists discovered the chamber inside the pyramids.

What is inside the chamber? Nobody knows. The Egyptian government is very strict about who and what gets investigated in one of the most valuable archaeological sites in the world. Not even the scientists who made the discovery know anything about it beyond the dimensions. It could full or artifacts or booby traps. One thing that is clear is that space was not intended to be easily accessible.

Expect to hear more about this new hidden space in one of the world’s greatest pyramids.