Uber Adds Several New Features Right Before The Holidays

Uber has added several new features just before the holidays that should make it easier for you and your friends to grab a ride on the ride-sharing app. The service has added live location sharing, which will allow your driver to see your location once you hit the gray icon on the bottom right of the screen. The new feature makes it easier for you when you’re walking to pick up your location, so your driver isn’t lost and looking for you.

Uber Investigation
Editorial credit: Pe3k / Shutterstock.com

Currently available in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, Beacons are helping you identify your ride among dozens of Ubers. The company has also updated their guest hailing feature, allowing you to hail rides for friends or family members and let them talk with the driver with text, so you’re no longer the middle-man. Simply click “Where to,” and you will be able to add a different rider to the top of the screen.

Uber has also added in-app gifting, which you can send Uber credits to your friends without leaving the app. It is a convenient way to send someone a gift card without actually going to Wal-Mart. The new features are available as early as today.