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California Grants Lyft Permission to Test Self-Driving Cars


BestStockFoto / Shutterstock, Inc.

Left is the latest company to receive a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in California. This news comes after the company wanted to build their own self-driving software only four months ago. Left appeared at the bottom of the California’s DMV’s list of permit holders, a sign that the ride-hail service was preparing to test their first autonomous driving taxis.

That said, it is not clear whether or not Lyft will be using their own proprietary software and hardware for their self-driving cars.

Lyft has already teamed up with companies like Ford, General Motors, Waymo, NuTonomy,, and Jaguar Land Rover, with the intention of being the platform on which manufacturers deploy their self-driving cars.

The company’s decision to apply for a permit is in direct contract with the company’s chief rival Uber. Uber previously attempted to test their self-driving cars in California without the state’s approval. The DMV revoked the Uber’s licenses of fleet cars, forcing the company to give in and obtain a permit.

Ultimately, it could be argued that Lyft just does not want to get left out. California’s growing list of autonomous vehicle testing permits is growing and is expanding the list of technology futurists looking to break into the self-driving market.

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