Amazon Announces AWS DeepLens – An AI-Powered Camera

Amazon reveals new tools for companies to invest in artificial intelligence. Today, Amazon’s business subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced a new line of products with the mission to sell artificial intelligence products. Among them is a $250 AI-powered camera called DeepLens, a new platform for developing and revealing machine learning algorithms called SageMaker, and services for AI-powered translation and transcription.

It is clear that Amazon’s new focus is jumping on the AI bandwagon, which Google has been building their enterprise of AI products and tools.

One of the major announcements made during AWS’ re:Invent conference is the DeepLens camera. Similar to Google Clips, it is a camera with AI technology. However, unlike Google’s Clips, it is targeted towards developers and not mainstream consumers. DeepLens comes with AI tools pre-installed including optical character recognition, and image and object recognition. “These will help you detect cats and dogs, faces, a wide array of household and everyday objects, motions and actions, and even hot dogs,” said AWS in a blog post.

DeepLens will allow developers to test and develop new vision-based AI-functions faster. Every DeepLens captures 1080p video and audio and is powered by an Intel Atom processor. DeepLens also features Wi-Fi, USB, and micro HDMI ports.

DeepLens will also have the ability to be integrated to other AWS products and services.

AWS also revealed SageMaker, an “end-to-end machine learning service” that helps data analysts build, train and, and host AI services. It will also support popular machine learning frameworks including Facebook’s Caffe2 and Google’s TensorFlow. Sagemaker will help developers identify data they need to train their AI model.

Amazon also announced new AI-powered translation tools, which will compete with Google’s translation services.

AWS is currently one of Amazon’s most profitable business subsidiaries, and with these new features, the company can expect to make a lot more money. AWS is already leading the industry with their servers, and if the demand for artificial intelligence continues, Amazon will be at the forefront of technological space.