Cinemark Launches A New Kind of Loyalty Program

MoviePass has been lowering their prices to build up their business, and now theater chain Cinemark is firing back with their subscription service called Cinemark Movie Club. The company will use a different business model than an all-you-can-watch style. It is more of a rewards program that comes with a ticket price lock-in. Members who pay $8.99 per month, will get one 2D movie ticket anytime they want and lets them buy any additional fare at $8.99 throughout the month.

While the program does not sound anything like MoviePass’ deal, which gives members one movie ticket per day for a $9.95 per month flat fee. But Cinemark is hoping the program will compete with the company. Movie Club customers will also be able to upgrade their tickets to other formats including 3D, or their D-Box motion similar chairs. Meanwhile, MoviePass customers will only have access to 2D screenings. Members can also buy their tickets in advance, which is more flexible than MoviePass since MoviePass requires audiences to purchase tickets at the theater.

Movie Club members also receive a 20% discount on concessions. If members do not use their free ticket in a given month, it will roll over on to the next month.

As theatrical movie attendance continues to decrease, theater chains are looking to create new business models to increase revenue. Currently, theater chains are using premium-format screens to entice people to watch movies at theaters instead of at home.