Disney Fans Claim ‘Tangled’ Predicted the Coronavirus Ten Years Ago

Disney fans claim ‘Tangled’ predicted the Coronavirus in 2010.

The 2010 animated movie, a wicked witch named Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel to live in a locked tower.

Many have compared Rapunzel’s sheltered life to the self-isolating mandates associated with the coronavirus but, there’s a huge twist. The name of the kingdom is called Corona, which is the kingdom that also shares the same name as the viral disease.

The coincidence was first reported by a Facebook user, who shared a conversation with a friend who pointed out Rapunzel is “quarantined” in a town called Corona.

According to The Sun, the post received more than 800 shares with many shocked by the coincidence.

In related coronavirus news, the United States is now testing two drugs to treat the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Reuters reported scientists at the University of Minnesota are testing two drugs. Hydroxychloroquine and blood pressure drug losartan are being treated to see if either drug is effective in blocking the virus’s reproductive processes.

“We are trying to leverage the science to see if we can do something in addition to minimizing contacts,” Dr. Jakub Tolar, dean of the University of Minnesota’s medical school, told Reuters. “Results are likely in weeks, not months.”

Tolar added the drugs are relatively inexpensive to buy as they are generic replacements for branded prescription drugs. “We don’t need a multibillion-dollar investment. It is part of the beauty of this approach,” Tolar said.