Coronavirus: Music Streaming Numbers Are Down

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing millions of people to quarantine and self isolate in their homes. You would assume since more people are spending time inside, they would be listening to more music. However, streaming music has decreased in the United States.

According to analytics provider Alpha Data, NME says streams in the United States dropped 7.6 percent during the week of March 13 to March 19, which is around the time self-isolation became a national battle cry to combat the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, digital song sales dropped 10.7 percent, digital album sales fell by 12.4 percent, and physical album sales dropped to 27.6 percent. The physical album sales drop is not too surprising as many record stores shut down, and Amazon has put selling CDs and vinyl records on hiatus.

However, some parts of the music industry are seeking a rise in streams. Streams of classical music are upward by 1.5 perfect, while folk music is up by 2.9 percent, and children’s music has seen a 3.8-percent gain.

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