Jonathan Majors’ Accuser Arrested in New York Over Assault Allegations

In a recent turn of events, Grace Jabbari, who previously accused actor Jonathan Majors of assault, has been arrested in New York. The arrest comes in connection with the same incident involving Majors, shedding new light on the ongoing legal battle between the two.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grace Jabbari, the accuser of actor Jonathan Majors, was arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal mischief.
  • Jabbari voluntarily surrendered to the New York City police.
  • The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute Jabbari due to a lack of prosecutorial merit.
  • Jonathan Majors faces charges of assault and aggravated harassment from the March dispute with Jabbari.
  • Majors has denied the allegations against him and filed a counter-complaint against Jabbari.
  • A New York judge denied a motion to dismiss the case against Majors, with his trial set to commence on November 29.

Details Emerge from the Incident

The woman at the center of the controversy, Grace Jabbari, had accused Jonathan Majors of assaulting her during a dispute in March. However, she was arrested on Wednesday night on charges of assault and criminal mischief related to the same incident. According to sources, Jabbari, who is Majors’ former girlfriend, voluntarily surrendered to the police in New York City. She was subsequently issued a desk appearance ticket, indicating she will appear in court at a later date. Both charges against her are classified as misdemeanors.

Despite the arrest, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has decided not to prosecute the case against Jabbari. Doug Cohen, a spokesperson for the Manhattan DA, stated that the case lacks prosecutorial merit and is now officially closed and sealed.

Majors’ Legal Battle Continues

On the other side of the legal spectrum, Jonathan Majors is facing charges of assault and aggravated harassment stemming from the same March dispute with Jabbari. The actor, through his attorney, has vehemently denied the allegations. The complaint against Majors alleges that he struck Jabbari “about the face with an open hand,” causing her significant pain and a laceration behind her ear.

In a twist to the tale, Majors filed a counter-complaint against Jabbari in June. He claimed that he was assaulted by her during the same incident in March. Court filings obtained by CNN reveal that a New York judge has denied a motion to dismiss the case against Majors. The trial is slated to begin on November 29, drawing significant media attention.


The legal battle between Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari continues to unfold, with new revelations and developments emerging. As the trial date approaches, the entertainment industry and fans alike will be keenly watching the proceedings, hoping for a resolution to the ongoing saga.