Disney’s Schedule Shakeup: ‘Snow White’ Delayed Amid Actor Strike

In the wake of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, Hollywood studios are scrambling to reconfigure their release calendars for the upcoming year. Disney, one of the industry’s major players, has announced significant changes to its 2024 theatrical release schedule.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney delays the release of its live-action “Snow White” by a year.
  • The ongoing actors’ strike prompts studios to rearrange their 2024 theatrical release calendars.
  • Disney’s “Elio,” another anticipated release, is also pushed back by over a year.
  • “Magazine Dreams” starring Jonathan Majors is removed from the December 2023 calendar due to Majors’ legal issues.
  • The actors’ strike has surpassed 100 days, pressuring studios to make decisions regarding their film schedules.

The Domino Effect

As the actors’ strike continues, studios are feeling the pressure to make pivotal decisions regarding their film schedules. Disney, in a significant move, announced the delay of its live-action “Snow White” movie, starring Rachel Zegler, by a year. Originally slated for a March 22, 2024 release, the film will now hit theaters on March 21, 2025. This film, officially titled “Disney’s Snow White,” is one of the studio’s major offerings for the year and was expected to be a spring blockbuster.

Other Major Shifts

Disney’s reshuffling doesn’t stop with “Snow White.” The studio’s other spring anchor, Pixar’s animated tentpole “Elio,” has also been pushed back. Initially set for a March 1, 2024 release, the film is now scheduled for June 13, 2025. This move indicates the significant impact the strike is having on the industry’s major players.

In a separate decision unrelated to the strike, Disney and Searchlight have decided to remove “Magazine Dreams” starring Jonathan Majors from their December 2023 calendar. This move was anticipated due to Majors’ ongoing legal challenges. The actor is set to stand trial on November 29 in New York on misdemeanor harassment and assault charges.

The Bigger Picture

The actors’ strike, which has now stretched past 100 days, has put studios in a tight spot. Earlier this week, Disney’s Bob Iger, along with other Hollywood CEOs, communicated to SAG-AFTRA the pressing deadline they face. They need to decide which films to delay if a resolution isn’t reached soon. Insiders suggest that this deadline could be as early as the first week of November.

This situation means that more release date changes are on the horizon, especially concerning 2024 summer movies. While Disney has not yet commented on the status of “Deadpool 3,” it’s almost certain that the film will face delays. The movie had to halt production due to the actors’ strike.

Industry-Wide Repercussions

Disney’s announcements come on the heels of other significant shifts in the industry. Paramount recently revealed that the next installment in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise would be leaving the 2024 box office calendar. The film, previously titled “Dead Reckoning, Part Two,” is expected to receive a new title soon.


The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike underscores the intricate relationship between actors and studios. As negotiations continue, the industry remains in a state of flux, with major studios like Disney having to make tough decisions about their flagship projects. The hope is for a resolution that benefits all parties involved, but until then, the world of cinema remains in suspense.