Google Pledges $2 Billion Investment in Anthropic, OpenAI’s Rival

In a significant move within the artificial intelligence sector, Google has committed to investing a substantial $2 billion in Anthropic, a startup founded by former OpenAI executives. This decision underscores the tech giant’s continued interest in the rapidly evolving AI landscape and its potential applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google confirms a $2 billion investment in AI startup Anthropic.
  • The investment comprises a $500 million upfront cash infusion and an additional $1.5 billion spread over time.
  • Anthropic, known for its Claude 2 chatbot, was valued at $4.1 billion earlier this year.
  • The startup competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and boasts clients like Slack, Notion, and Quora.
  • Anthropic was founded by ex-OpenAI executives, including Dario Amodei and Daniela Amodei.

A Closer Look at the Investment

The commitment from Google involves an initial $500 million investment, followed by an additional $1.5 billion to be invested over a period. This strategic move by Google highlights the company’s confidence in Anthropic’s potential to reshape the AI industry. The Wall Street Journal was among the first to report on this planned financing.

Anthropic’s Rise in the AI World

Anthropic, although a relatively new player in the AI domain, has made significant strides since its inception. The startup is responsible for developing Claude 2, a chatbot that rivals OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Notably, Claude 2 has been adopted by prominent companies such as Slack, Notion, and Quora, showcasing its growing influence in the market.

Earlier this year, Anthropic was valued at a staggering $4.1 billion, reflecting the industry’s optimism about its future prospects. The company’s chatbot, Claude 2, stands out for its ability to summarize extensive content, handling up to 75,000 words, which is roughly the length of a book. In contrast, ChatGPT can process about 3,000 words.

Research Insights and Previous Investments

A study conducted by Arthur AI, a platform specializing in machine learning monitoring, found Claude 2 to be the most reliable chatbot in terms of “self-awareness.” This means the chatbot excels in understanding its capabilities, answering only questions it has been trained to handle. The research compared chatbots from various companies, including Meta, Cohere, and OpenAI.

Google’s relationship with Anthropic isn’t new. In April, the tech behemoth invested $300 million in the startup, acquiring a 10% stake. That same month, Anthropic was invited to the White House for a meeting on responsible AI development, an event that also saw participation from tech giants like Microsoft and OpenAI.

Founders and Future Prospects

Anthropic was founded by siblings Dario Amodei, OpenAI’s former vice president of research, and Daniela Amodei, who served as OpenAI’s vice president of safety and policy. The startup’s founding team also includes several other OpenAI research alumni.

Dario Amodei, in a conversation with CNBC, highlighted the rapid growth of the market for large language models. He emphasized the vast demand and the ample room for multiple players to thrive in this space.


Google’s massive investment in Anthropic underscores the tech industry’s belief in the transformative power of AI. As the landscape of artificial intelligence continues to evolve, collaborations between tech giants and innovative startups like Anthropic are set to shape the future of technology and its applications in various sectors.

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