Airbnb Expands into AI with Gameplanner.AI Acquisition

Airbnb, the renowned online marketplace for lodging and tourism activities, has made a significant move in the tech industry by acquiring the AI startup Gameplanner.AI for just under $200 million. This acquisition marks Airbnb’s first major venture into artificial intelligence and its first acquisition as a public company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Airbnb acquires AI startup Gameplanner.AI for nearly $200 million.
  • Gameplanner.AI, founded in 2020, was in “stealth mode” before the acquisition.
  • The startup was co-founded by Adam Cheyer, a founder of Siri.
  • This acquisition is Airbnb’s first since becoming a public company.
  • Gameplanner.AI aims to accelerate Airbnb’s AI projects.
  • Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky sees generative AI as a future “travel concierge.”
  • The deal could signal a shift in Airbnb’s M&A strategy.

A Strategic Move into AI

Airbnb’s acquisition of Gameplanner.AI represents a strategic expansion into the realm of artificial intelligence. Gameplanner.AI, which has operated in stealth mode since its inception in 2020, is co-founded by Adam Cheyer, a notable figure in the tech industry and one of the founders of Siri. This move is particularly significant as it marks Airbnb’s first acquisition since it went public.

Enhancing Airbnb’s AI Capabilities

The integration of Gameplanner.AI is expected to accelerate some of Airbnb’s AI projects. With the expertise of Cheyer and his team, Airbnb aims to enhance its platform’s capabilities, potentially transforming how users interact with its services. The focus seems to be on developing a generative AI that could act as a travel concierge, learning about users over time to improve their travel experiences.

Implications for Airbnb’s Future

This acquisition could indicate a shift in Airbnb’s merger and acquisition strategy, making it a more attractive prospect in the eyes of Wall Street. As a company that is already profitable on a GAAP basis and with substantial cash reserves, Airbnb’s foray into AI could open new avenues for growth and innovation. CEO Brian Chesky’s vision of utilizing AI to radically change the platform could redefine the travel and lodging industry.

The Broader AI Landscape

Airbnb’s move comes amid growing interest in AI across various sectors. For instance, Google is reportedly in talks to invest in another AI startup, Character.AI. This trend underscores the increasing importance of AI in enhancing business operations and customer experiences.


Airbnb’s acquisition of Gameplanner.AI is a bold step into the AI arena, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and its vision for the future of travel. As Airbnb integrates AI into its platform, it sets a precedent for how technology can be leveratively to enhance user experiences in the travel industry.