Apple to Adopt New Messaging Standard for iPhone in 2024

Apple Inc. is set to make a significant change to its messaging system next year. The tech giant plans to adopt a new messaging standard that will enhance communication between iPhone and Android users.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple will integrate the RCS (Rich Communication Services) standard into iPhone messaging in 2024.
  • RCS will bring features like read receipts, typing indicators, and improved group chats to cross-platform messaging.
  • The move is partly in response to regulatory pressure and competition.
  • Apple’s adoption of RCS follows its recent decision to switch to USB-C charging ports.
  • The change may not affect the distinctive blue and green message bubbles for Apple and Android users.

A Step Towards Interoperability

Apple’s decision to adopt RCS marks a significant shift in its approach to cross-platform communication. RCS is seen as a modern replacement for traditional SMS and MMS, offering features like read receipts, typing indicators, and better media sharing. This change is expected to enhance the messaging experience for both iPhone and Android users.

Regulatory and Competitive Pressures

The move comes amid increasing pressure from regulators and competitors. The European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which requires key services to be interoperable between platforms, has been a driving force. Additionally, Google has been vocal about Apple adopting RCS, arguing that iMessage is a core Apple product and should comply with interoperability standards.

Apple’s Strategic Shift

Historically, Apple has been resistant to such connectivity. CEO Tim Cook once suggested buying an iPhone for non-iPhone users to solve compatibility issues. However, the company’s recent decisions, including adopting USB-C charging ports, indicate a strategic shift towards more universal standards.

Security and User Experience

Apple’s integration of RCS is expected to work alongside iMessage, maintaining its reputation as a secure messaging platform. The company is also working with the GSM Association to enhance RCS’s security, potentially bringing it on par with iMessage.

Impact on User Choices

Some analysts speculate whether this change will influence iPhone users to explore Android devices, especially with improved cross-platform communication. However, the impact on iPhone demand remains to be seen.

Maintaining Brand Identity

Despite the adoption of RCS, Apple is likely to retain its distinctive blue and green message bubbles for iMessage and Android texts, respectively. This decision aligns with Apple’s marketing strategy and brand identity, maintaining a unique user experience while enhancing cross-platform communication.


Apple’s move to adopt RCS is a significant step towards better interoperability and user experience in mobile communication. While it reflects a shift in Apple’s traditionally closed ecosystem, it also shows the company’s responsiveness to regulatory pressures and market demands. This change is poised to enhance the way iPhone users interact with Android users, maintaining Apple’s high standards of messaging while embracing a more inclusive approach.