Holiday Open Streets is Back on Fifth Ave. in Midtown Manhattan

As the festive season draws nearer, gearing up for a vibrant and celebratory mood, New York City is once again preparing to bring back its impactful holiday open-streets program. The initiative is designed to facilitate New Yorkers and tourists alike to relish in the holiday spirit, free from the hustle and bustle of regular vehicular traffic.

Renowned as a location that is synonymous with the city’s vibrant holiday scenes, Fifth Avenue, nestled near the iconic Rockefeller Center, is gearing itself for a festive transformation. With the holiday season fast approaching, this prime location will witness a temporary closure to vehicular traffic on upcoming Sundays as part of this innovative open-streets program.

As declared by city officials, motor vehicles will not be permitted on Fifth Avenue from 48th Street to 59th Street. This major change is expected to be implemented this coming Sunday. And if you’re wondering for how long, it extended from the strike of noon until six in the evening. But that’s not all – this vehicular ban will be operational on the next two subsequent Sundays as well, December 10 and December 17, enforcing the same time slot.

Ensuring the public receives adequate notification about these changes, this temporary regulation aims to foster an enhanced environment for pedestrians to revel in New York’s glorious holiday vibe. From last-minute holiday shopping sprees to a leisurely stroll savoring the dazzling holiday decorations, this initiative is designed to create a more user-friendly atmosphere on the city’s sidewalks.

Schedule your plans accordingly and embrace the opportunity to experience Fifth Avenue in a novel way. Utilizing strategies from the previous year’s successful implementation, the city is excited to reintroduce the holiday open-streets program. It allows residents and visitors to reclaim the streets for a brief period, reminiscing about what life in the city could be beyond the regular confines of traffic rules.

As an annual tradition, the open-streets model has quickly become a highlighted feature of the city, encouraging people to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the cityscape. So remember, if you are planning to drive to Fifth Avenue for any events or errands, be informed that vehicular traffic will be paused on the cited Sundays.

This holiday tradition near Rockafellar Center hopes to instil a sense community amongst New Yorkers. This initiative continues to flavor the essence of the festive season and adds to the city’s charm, making it one of the most cherished holiday destinations across the globe. Be part of this unique experience, step out on the city’s open streets, and embrace the holiday spirit like never before!