Blockbuilder Raises $4 Million for International Expansion of Cashless Deposits

Blockbuilder Steps into Capital Raising

Blockbuilder, the innovative Australian tech start-up, has launched a $4 million capital raising effort. The primary motive behind this initiative is the ambitious expansion of its pioneering cashless deposit solutions into the international markets, specifically the United Kingdom and United States.

Key Takeaways:

– Australian tech start-up, Blockbuilder, initiates $4 million capital raise to bring its cashless deposit solutions to the UK and the US.
– The funding round preference is given to existing shareholders.
– Correlation Australia Holdings (CAH) contributes $2M leading the round, being affiliated with international insurance group Lombard.

Investment Round Prioritizing Current Shareholders

Launching the capital raise, Blockbuilder has been considerate towards its existing shareholders. The company is offering them the first opportunity to increase their investment stake, ensuring that loyal shareholders get the chance to be a significant part of the company’s international growth.

Correlation Australia Holdings Leads the Round

Already answering the funding call with commitment is Correlation Australia Holdings (CAH). Showing its trust in the promising start-up, CAH has already pledged a whopping $2 million to lead the round. CAH is part of the international insurance heavyweight, Lombard’s portfolio, that hints towards the potential and faith big industry players have in Blockbuilder’s future.

Continually Evolving Deposit Solutions

Blockbuilder’s unique cashless deposit system is at the core of their market reputation and appeal. The technology aimed at transforming the traditional modes of deposit has put them at the forefront of financial solution providers in Australia. By introducing cashless deposit solutions into the UK and US markets, Blockbuilder is about to leverage its prowess to answer the increasing demand for high-quality, innovative, and secure financial solutions.

Capital Raise Paves Way for International Expansion

The company’s decision to leap towards international territories reflects its ambitious growth strategy. With the UK and US markets chosen as the next step, Blockbuilder is positioning itself to be a significant player in the global financial technology industry. The capital raise not only funds this ambitious leap but also signals a vote of confidence from their shareholders and other investors in the tech start-up’s future.


It’s a significant move for Blockbuilder as it embarks on this journey of expanding its unique cashless deposit solutions beyond Australian borders. The capital raising initiative of $4 million attests to their ambition and the faith big stakeholders place in their future. With CAH leading the round of funding and being the first to commit, it further strengthens the promising future of Blockbuilder’s international expansion plan.

Make no mistake; the international financial tech market is a challenging one. However, with the backing of well-established entities such as Lombard via CAH, and the uniqueness of their cashless deposit solutions, Blockbuilder seems well-placed to make a significant impact.

Blockbuilder’s journey is a fascinating one to follow. As they venture forth into the two big players of the international tech market, the UK and the US, things are looking solid for the tech start-up. The investment in pioneering cashless technology on an international scale might well signify a breaking point in global deposit transactions. Time will tell us the result of this ambitious move by the Australian tech start-up.