HGTV’s Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas Celebrate First 2024 Renovation Completion and Exciting New Projects

First Renovation Completion of 2024

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, beloved stars of HGTV’s “Bargain Block,” have begun 2024 on a high note, celebrating their first successfully completed renovation project of the year. Bynum took to Instagram on January 9, showcasing the finished work and documenting some open house fun attended by their resident realtor Shea Whitfield alongside the “Bargain Block” film crew.

Key Takeaways:

– HGTV stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas kick-off 2024 with a completed renovation project in Detroit.
– Despite looking forward to projects in New Orleans, the duo celebrated the project completion in their home city.
– Bynum shared the achievement on Instagram, featuring resident realtor Shea Whitfield and the “Bargain Block” film crew.
– Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of “Bargain Block,” which is anticipated to premiere during the summer.
– Apart from their professional achievements, the couple also celebrated Bynum’s birthday and received well-wishes from other HGTV personalities.

Anticipation for “Bargain Block” New Season

The third season of “Bargain Block” wrapped up in the fall of 2023, leaving fans eager for more stunning and creative renovations. Although the network has not yet announced a specific date for the new season’s premiere, the pattern from previous seasons suggests that summer will bring new episodes. For fans who can’t wait, past episodes are available for streaming on Max.

Entertaining comments from excited followers populated Bynum’s Instagram post, demonstrating the strong audience interest in their show. Fans praised not only the housing flips and community recovery that the series showcases but also its palpable showcase of diversity and inclusion. User feedback also lauded the duo’s renovations for their “cute and homey” aesthetics, contrasting with the “ultra modern and cold looking” vibes of other rehab shows.

Bynum reciprocated the appreciation, sharing a farewell tribute to season three on November 2, 2023, where he expressed gratitude to fans and excitement for the upcoming season.

Evan Thomas Celebrates Partner’s Birthday

Beyond their professional life, Keith and Evan also commemorated a personal milestone with Bynum’s recent birthday. On January 5, Thomas shared a heartfelt tribute post on Instagram, praising Bynum’s attributes and expressing his love and gratitude for their shared journey.

Prominent personalities from HGTV joined in the celebratory comments, including Jenny Marrs from “Fixer to Fabulous,” Luke Caldwell from “Boise Boys,” and Michel Smith Boyd of “Luxe for Less,” all extending their well wishes to Bynum.

The start of the new year has seen Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas balancing significant professional accomplishments with personal celebrations. As they continue to take on new renovation projects in New Orleans and elsewhere, fans eagerly anticipate the contributions the duo will bring to the world of home renovation in 2024. As proven by their early accomplishments and the enthusiastic feedback from their dedicated followers, the sky is the limit for these HGTV stars.

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