Denise Richards Challenged by “Real Housewives” Newcomer for Her ‘Very Sloppy’ Conduct

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returnee Denise Richards found herself at the center of criticism following her unconventional behavior during a recent episode. Her actions sparked a flurry of discussions among her co-stars, fans, and RHOBH newcomer Annemarie Wiley. Wiley had a candid conversation with Page Six about the unusual episode, during which she labeled Richard’s behavior as “very sloppy.” Here are more insights from this story originally reported by Heavy.

Key Takeaways:

– Denise Richards returns to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH) in season 13.
– The actor’s erratic behavior in an episode drew criticism from her co-stars and fans.
– Newcomer Annemarie Wiley discusses Richards’s behavior on Page Six’s “Reali-Tea” podcast.
– Richards, on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, described her behavior as ‘bizarre’ and ‘out of the ordinary’.

Denise Richards Returns to RHOBH

The former full-time star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Denise Richards made a comeback to the franchise in season 13. Her odd conduct at the dinner party Kyle Richards hosted, however, sparked criticism among cast members and fans alike. Not only did she have run-ins with Erika Jayne, but also faced inquiries from Dorit Kemsley about her inverted jacket, leading her to become rather outspoken.

Wiley’s Take on Richards’s Actions

Annemarie Wiley, a newbie to RHOBH in its 13th season, had a chat with Page Six’s “Reali-Tea” podcast on January 5, 2024, concerning Richards’s antics. According to Wiley, it was not just awkward to be around Richards but also discomfiting to watch the incident later on. Wiley claimed Richards had a specific purpose for being on the show, particularly focusing on getting something from Erika Jayne.

Insights from the Aftermath

Subsequent to the controversial episode, Wiley imparted more of her views on what transpired during the dinner party. She asserted, “It was very clear that when Denise came in, she had an agenda…What she wanted out of Erika, I feel like is still not actually even clear.”

In Wiley’s opinion, Richards should have avoided getting on the wrong side of a fired-up Erika Jayne. The outcome, according to Wiley, was fairly predictable, considering Erika gave it to Denise because she ‘asked for it’.

Richards Admits to Being ‘Bizarre’

Post the airing of the contentious episode, Denise Richards acknowledged her unconventional behavior. Speaking on Bethenny Frankel’s “Just B” podcast, she confessed, “Progressively during the evening, I felt worse. And then I just remember not half the night. It was bizarre.”

Richards was unable to put a finger on what precisely led to her feeling unwell, refraining from participating in the THC-infused meal that was served, and claiming that there might have been a minor mix-up with either the food or water.

Uncertainties About Richards’s Future

Richards’s appearance in season 13 was merely as a guest, creating uncertainties about her further association with the popular franchise. Fans are keenly waiting to see if she will make another appearance in the upcoming season 14 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” With no confirmation from the RHOBH team or Richards herself, fans can only speculate about her future involvement in the veteran reality series.

Conclusively, the gossip and talks about Richards’s existence on the popular show once again illustrate the engaging, if not tumultuous, dynamics among the cast members of the renowned franchise, and the ever-enthralling narrative that unfolds with every new season.


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