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“Full House” Stars Reunite to Honor Bob Saget, Signaling End to Feud


Cast Members Unite in Memory of Bob Saget

Two years since comedian Bob Saget’s tragic demise, his co-actors from the famous television shows “Full House” and “Fuller House,” gathered for a nostalgic Instagram Live session on 9th January 2024, organized by John Stamos. The reunion saw an emotional exchange between Hallmark stars Jodie Sweetin and Cameron Candace Bure, rekindling hopes of resolution after their much-publicized disagreement.

Key Takeaways:

– In remembrance of the second anniversary of Bob Saget’s death, John Stamos hosted a touching Instagram Live session with the “Full House” and “Fuller House” cast members.
– The reunion featured emotional moments between Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure, suggesting a recent reconciliation following their public disagreements.
– The cast reminisced about Saget’s impact on their lives and careers, marking the comedian as their unifying connection.

Despite the opposition between Sweetin and Bure, stemming from Bure’s move to Great American Family and subsequent controversial statements regarding LGBTQ+ representation, the two expressed love for each other during the online reunion.

Remembering Saget as the Glue of the Cast

Bob Saget tied the group together and maintained harmony, according to Stamos’s statement to People in October 2023. Reflecting on Saget’s influence on the cast, the members engaged in a heartfelt discussion during the live session. Bure participated from her car’s passenger seat, with Stamos, Coulier, and Sweetin joining from their respective homes.

The four shared cherished memories of Saget, shedding tears at intervals. Upon playing clips from Saget’s presence at Bure’s 1996 wedding, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Balancing Grief with Life: A toast to Saget

When posed with the question of managing grief while raising families, Dave Coulier suggested celebrating the person who blessed them with countless laughter. He emphasized moving forward and carrying on the valuable gift given by Saget, “this moment right here.”

Saget’s unexpected death in January 2022, caused by an unnoticed fall in his Florida hotel room, was a significant shock to both fans and his particularly close “Full House” co-set.

Sweetin and Bure Overcome Differences

Despite their friendship hitting a snag following Bure’s move to the Great American Family network and comments about its lack of LGBTQ+ representation, the two expressed affection for each other during the recent reunion.

Bure and Sweetin made public appearances together at the 90s Con in March and September 2023 despite their disagreements. Despite initial resistance, Sweetin expressed concern over her independent rom-com being acquired by Great American family, pledging to donate any profits to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Reminiscing Grief and Offering Mutual Support

During the Instagram Live, Bure shared her experiences with grief, emphasizing the importance of having someone who could partake in it. She appreciated the simple presence of a friend or family during such times which she termed as “a gift.” Sweetin supported this notion, and together they stressed the need to embrace grief in its various forms.


The session ended on a heartfelt note with the three expressing their love for each other, echoing the unity that the late Saget had once fostered among them. Sweetin and Bure’s emotional exchange has instilled hope for their reconciliation among fans, marking a bittersweet chapter in the legacy of Bob Saget.


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