Golden Bachelor’s Ex-Leslie Fhima Opens Up About Attending His Wedding

“Golden Bachelor” star, Gerry Turner, exchanged vows with Teresa Nist in a televised event held on January 4, 2024. Amid the attendees, Leslie Fhima, Turner’s ex, surprisingly took part in the celebration. Further details about the aftermath of the ceremony were shared on

Key Takeaways:
– “Golden Bachelor” star Gerry Turner marries Theresa Nist in a televised ceremony.
– Turner’s ex-girlfriend, Leslie Fhima, attends the wedding, admitting to feelings of discomfort.
– Fhima shares a selfie with the bride, Theresa Nist, on Instagram.
– Despite discomfort, Fhima expressed support for her ex and her good friend Theresa.
– Fhima is open to the idea of being the “Golden Bachelorette.”

Fhima Attends Nuptials Despite Initial Hesitations

One of the striking aspects of the wedding was the presence of Leslie Fhima, who had an emotional history with Turner. Despite the possible discomfort, Fhima made the decision to support her ex and her friend, Theresa Nist.

However, Fhima did concede to feelings of awkwardness, especially during the ceremony. She revealed on the “Almost Famous” podcast that, while it wasn’t entirely easy watching Turner get married, seeing Theresa’s joy somewhat eased the discomfort.

Fhima and Nist: A Newfound Sisterhood

Despite the past, Fhima navigated the potential awkwardness and even shared a selfie with the bride on social media. The Instagram post, with a caption saying “Love you @theresa_nist”, served as a testament to the bond Fhima shared with Nist, developed while filming the show.

During the wedding, Fhima reiterated her support for the couple in an interview with Us Weekly. She expressed her happiness for Theresa and Gerry and emphasized her commitment to support love. She even disclosed that she’s open to the concept of playing the “Golden Bachelorette,” as per a statement to EW.

Golden Bachelor Finale: Fhima’s Perspective

The season finale of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ was a turning point for Turner and Fhima. The pair discussed their relationship’s conclusion on the “After the Final Rose” special episode, and it appears Fhima is ready to close that chapter.

Being vocal about her side of the story, she admitted to several podcasts how the relationship ended. In one interview with Us Weekly, she described Turner’s plans for their future, which came as a surprise considering their eventual breakup. However, she seems ready to embrace new beginnings, reinforcing her previous openness to the idea of becoming the “Golden Bachelorette.”

In Conclusion

Regardless of the intricate turmoil portrayed throughout the season on the “Golden Bachelor,” love prevailed at the end. The notion of ‘new beginnings’ seems prominent, with Turner and Nist starting their journey as a married couple and Leslie Fhima showing strength, support, and the readiness to move forward. Time will tell if she will entertain the idea of leading the next season as the “Golden Bachelorette.”

For more updates, stay tuned and continue following the dramatic journey of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ reality series.