Jana Kramer Reflects on DWTS Experience, Admits Preference for Artem Chigvintsev Over Gleb Savchenko

Kramer’s Reflections on DWTS Journey

Jana Kramer, an alumna from the 23rd season of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS), recently revealed her reflections from her time on the popular dance competition show. In an interview with professional dancer Cheryl Burke on the “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” podcast, she expressed a desire to revisit the experience in a healthier mental state.

  • Jana Kramer shares insight into her Dancing With the Stars experience, expressing regret about her mental state at the time.
  • Despite acknowledging Gleb Savchenko’s talent, Kramer admits she would have ideally loved to dance with Artem Chigvintsev.
  • Fans support Kramer’s statement on Reddit, emphasizing Chigvintsev’s competence and stellar teaching style.
  • Previous rumors entailed a possible affair between Kramer and Savchenko.
  • Savchenko consistently denies any such rumors.

Kramer’s Preferential Dancing Partner: Chigvintsev

While reminiscing, Kramer confessed her lack of compatibility with Gleb Savchenko’s teaching style. She sincerely wished she could have partnered with Artem Chigvintsev instead. Kramer highlighted how working with Chigvintsev for a practice session drew her towards his distinctive style, enhancing her learning experience.

Even though Kramer appreciated Savchenko’s talent, her ultimate preference was unmistakably Chigvintsev. With Savchenko, Kramer made it to the semifinals in Season 23, but the pair couldn’t go beyond the fourth place.

Artem Chigvintsev: An Underrated DWTS Star?

Season 29 of DWTS saw Artem Chigvintsev triumph, winning the coveted Mirrorball Trophy alongside former Bachelorette lead, Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kramer’s words have sparked discussions among fans, pushing them to reevaluate Chigvintsev’s role in the show. Many agree that her remarks underscore Chigvintsev’s remarkable teaching capabilities, evidenced by statements on Reddit praising his professionalism, communication skills, and ability to make dance fun.

The Kramer-Savchenko Rumor Mill

Kramer’s confession comes amidst existing rumors suggesting she had an affair during the show with her former partner Savchenko. Their undeniable chemistry, as observed on and off the dance floor, led many to speculate about a romantic connection.

Confirming these suspicions, Us Weekly in May 2022 reported that Kramer had admitted to her ex, Ian Schinelli, about having more than a professional relationship with Savchenko. Nevertheless, Savchenko has relentlessly denied any such rumors. He argued that their chemistry was a component of the competition, an integral aspect aimed at achieving longevity in the race.

Cheryl Burke’s “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” has become a revelation hub for former DWTS contestants. Kramer’s insights have given fans exhaustive perspectives into the dynamics of the prominent dance competition, consequently intensifying their fever for the forthcoming episodes. As contestants and conditions change, one thing remains certain – the show will continue to challenge, engage, and enthrall its viewers.

Source: Heavy.com