Kyle Richards Reveals Reluctance to Film Difficult Family Scene for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

Kyle Richards’ Strained Relationship with Kathy Hilton

Reality TV star Kyle Richards, who has been part of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH) for over a decade, recently opened up about a specific scene she was reluctant to film. The scene involves a hard-to-digest conversation between Kyle and her sister Kim Richards regarding her strained relationship with their eldest sister, Kathy Hilton.

Key Takeaways:

– Kyle Richards shared her reservations about filming a scene discussing her then-estranged relationship with her eldest sister, Kathy Hilton, for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.
– The contentious situation was compounded by preparations for her sister Kim Richards’ daughter’s wedding, where all three siblings would be present.
– Kyle fears the new season of the reality show may resurrect past conflicts, despite the sisters’ current harmonious relationship.

The sisters’ conflict, which began during a volatile cast trip to Aspen in the 12th season of the show, was brought to light again in the 13th season’s episode, “Re-Lentless Erika”. Kyle admitted on the RHOBH Aftershow in January 2024 that she wasn’t comfortable airing this private family matter on national television.

“I really hated having that conversation on camera,” said Kyle. She explained further, stating that she was not ready to spill the beans on her side of the fight to Kim, who so far knew only Kathy’s version of the dispute.

Kim Richards on Psychic Impact of Sisters’ Feud

At the time of filming, Kim was in the midst of preparing for her daughter Whitney Davis’ wedding to Luke White. Being the peacekeeper in the family, she wanted to ensure the presence of all family members at the wedding, with positive vibes all around.

“I don’t want anybody coming there that isn’t in a good place with somebody,” Kim told Kyle with utmost conviction. Despite promising to be civil and kind to Kathy, Kyle expressed uncertainty about letting her back into her life due to her elder sister’s occasionally harsh demeanor.

Both sisters ended up shedding tears discussing their complex family dynamics and the lingering effects of their feud on their lives. They concurred their late mother would not have approved of their ongoing fracas.

Glimmers of Reconciliation at Family Wedding

Kyle further shared that despite the uncomfortable start, Whitney’s wedding turned out to be a poignant event for the family. It was the setting of a tentative reunion with Kathy and marked a meaningful step towards resolving the sisters’ differences.

However, Kyle confessed to being apprehensive about the airing of the 13th season, fearing it might reignite past disputes amongst the family and the cast members, especially when her relationship with Kathy seemed to be healing.

“We’re good now… I don’t want to go through this ever again,” said a hopeful Kyle, expressing her concern about the possible repercussions of the new RHOBH season on the sisters’ relationships.

As an ode to the bumpy journey she has had on RHOBH over the years, Kyle remains cautious about future challenges on the horizon but expresses gratitude for the continual support from her sisters in the midst of her marital separation.

The reality star appears to be caught in a conundrum, torn between her personal life and her dedication to her television career. As she navigates this tricky path, fans continue to support her, eagerly tuning in each week to witness the saga of Beverly Hills’ most famous housewives unfold amidst their luxurious lifestyles.

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