“Real Housewives of Miami” Stars Julia Lemigova and Lisa Hochstein In Social Media Face-Off

Julia Lemigova Communications Reveal Distress Over Lisa Hochstein’s Remarks

Reality TV personality Julia Lemigova vocally expressed her shock on social media at the offensive remarks made by her co-star Lisa Hochstein during a dispute in season 6, episode 10 of “Real Housewives of Miami.” This episode, named “Mamacita Madness Part 2,” featured Lemigova and Hochstein involved in a fierce spat during a Mother’s Day lunch. The disagreement stemmed from Hochstein’s decision to party instead of staying with her children, a choice Lemigova questioned.

Key Takeaways:
– Julia Lemigova, Real Housewives of Miami star, responds to Lisa Hochstein’s comments made during a heated quarrel in season 6, episode 10.
– Lisa Hochstein retaliated to Lemigova’s remarks about leaving her children to attend a party.
– Hochstein defends herself, noting she’d reached out to Lemigova for apology multiple times.
– The disagreement commenced over Hochstein’s decision to attend a party rather than staying with her children following a significant event involving law enforcement.

Bitter Battle Between Housewives

The tiff escalated when Hochstein counterattacked Lemigova for her judgmental comments, bringing up that Lemigova has “three baby daddies.” A fan account on Instagram posted a clip of the exchange, provoking a response from Lemigova, who thanked the account for bringing the unseemly comments to her attention.

On her Instagram Story, Lemigova shared her disappointment about the hostile way Hochstein spoke about her and her family. Reacting to Hochstein’s comments about her children’s birth makes them seem anything less than a blessing, Lemigova expressed her disgust and outrage. She also revealed her disbelief at the mention of her late son, describing it as “unforgivable.”

Lisa Hochstein Reaches Out to Julia Lemigova

Hochstein responded to Lemigova’s comments via a lengthy reply on the Instagram video. She affirmed her failed multiple attempts at apologizing to Lemigova for her outburst. Further, Hochstein expressed her distress at being labeled an unfit mother, especially when she’s embroiled in custody issues with her estranged husband. Highlighting her disappointment at Lemigova for airing their personal issues publicly on social media instead of addressing them directly, Hochstein hinted at a strained friendship.

The Origin of the Argument

This spat between Hochstein and Lemigova began when Hochstein criticized Lemigova’s comments about attending a party instead of putting her children to bed. At the extravagant event, Hochstein revealed the altercation she had with her estranged husband, who she had called the police on. Lemigova openly criticized Hochstein’s decision to leave her children after such a significant event, refusing to apologize for stating her opinion.

Lemigova’s Personal Life

Lemigova, currently married to Martina Navratilova, is a mother to daughters Victoria and Emma born from two different relationships. Christian Courtin-Clarins is known to be Emma’s father, while Victoria’s father remains unmentioned. Tragically, Lemigova has experienced the death of her infant son, Maximilien, who died from shaken baby syndrome while under the care of a nanny.

This high-stakes face-off between the reality TV stars showcases a bitter feud that has spilled into their social media accounts, causing an Internet uproar. With both parties standing their ground and no resolution in sight, fans eagerly await the next developments.

Source: Heavy.com