RHONJ’s Joe Gorga, Reality Star, Ejected From Son’s Wrestling Match

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Joe Gorga made headlines over the weekend, but not for his reality TV exploits. The 44-year-old was ejected from his son’s high school wrestling match. Why? Gorga stomped onto the mat and confronted the official, resulting in his forced exit from the venue.

Key Takeaways:
– “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Joe Gorga ejected from his son’s high school wrestling match.
– Gorga accused of stomping onto the mat and confronting the referee during Gino Gorga’s competition.
– Incident occurred as Gino, a Ramapo High School student, was getting pinned in the second period.
– Gorga’s representatives claim he believed the referee allowed his son to be teased and tossed without intervention.
– Despite Gino’s 6-0 defeat at 144 pounds, Ramapo High School won the overall match.

A Heated Match up at Parsippany Hills

The incident unfolded at a tense wrestling match between Parsippany Hills High School and Ramapo High School, where Gorga’s son, Gino, studies and competes in wrestling. Gorga passionately watched his son’s match, visibly agitated when Gino found himself under duress during the second period.

Not one to stand on the sidelines, Gorga left the stands and marched onto the mat. Video footage obtained by TMZ captures the reality star shouting at the referee. Bystanders, including members of the Ramapo coaching staff, were forced to prevent Gorga from getting physically close to the referee.

An Off-Mat Confrontation

In addition to confronting the official, Gorga was reported arguing with Chris Wells, the Parsippany Hills head coach. The intensity of the situation led to the official ejecting Gorga from the match. Subsequently, other adults escorted him out of the gym.

Gorga’s representatives spoke to TMZ regarding the incident. They state that the RHONJ star was reacting to his son being “tossed around and mocked” by his opponent, under the referee’s watchful eyes. According to Gorga’s camp, he was proud of his son’s composure during the situation.

Taking Stock of the Fallout

Despite the mid-match drama involving his father, Gino Gorga continued to compete. Unfortunately, he ended up losing his bout, pinned for a 6-0 defeat at 144 pounds. However, the overall match saw victory for Ramapo High School, clinching a 64-12 win.

Joe Gorga has been a part of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” since its inception in 2009. His sister, Teresa Giudice, holds the distinction of being the only woman to be part of the main cast for the entirety of the reality show’s run. Gorga’s wife, Melissa, joined as a primary cast member in the show’s third season.

In conclusion, while the wrestling match ended on a positive note for Ramapo High School, the same cannot be said for the Gorga family. The incident serves as a reminder of the high emotions and passions running deep in high school sports. This story also highlights the importance of maintaining decorum and sporting attitudes in such competitive environments.

With this incident, Joe Gorga’s on-screen persona of a passionate, protective father has definitely spilled over into his real-life role. Yet, whether his actions warrant criticism or admiration is perhaps a matter of personal judgment.

Source: [New York Daily News]