Texas Native Dies in Brooklyn Hit-And-Run Tragedy, Leaving Friends Critically Injured

Remembering Hayden Wallace

Hayden Wallace, who just turned 29, lost his life in a tragic hit-and-run car accident in Brooklyn. Having recently moved to New York from Dallas, Texas, Wallace was thrilled with his new life in the city and the new friends he had made.

Key Takeaways:

– Hayden Wallace, a 29-year-old Texas native killed in a Brooklyn hit-and-run accident, had recently moved to New York.
– Wallace was involved in the accident during a fun night out with his newfound friends who survived but were seriously injured.
– The perpetrators fled the scene, leaving behind their damaged Kia Sportage. The police are still on the hunt for them.
– Prior to the accident, Wallace had lead an adventurous life full of travel and education in various parts of the world.

A night that began with fun and excitement quickly escalated into a tragic incident when Wallace, along with his three new friends, encountered a fatal crash orchestrated by a hit-and-run driver. They were heading east on Stockholm St. in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in a Toyota Yaris when a Kia Sportage crashed into them at around 12:45 a.m. on January 8. The impact resulted in Wallace’s death, leaving his company critically injured.

Wallace’s Bright Adventures

Wallace, an enthusiast of the local LGBTQ community, was half a mile away from his residence when the disaster occurred. The group was returning home from an entertaining evening that had earlier been described by Wallace as a “great night,” according to his aunt, Kippy Perkins. He had shared his excitement about making new allies in the gay community with his best friend via a text message just before the unfortunate accident.

His life narrative is enhanced and enriched by his experiences outside of New York. He led an adventurous lifestyle, having traveled to several countries through the years. In his gap year after graduation, he moved to Lima, Peru, where he spent his time teaching English. Education also took him on a journey across the globe, with a bachelor from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and a master’s degree from Freiberg University in Germany.

Perkins noted, “He has friends all over the globe who are coming to Dallas for his funeral.” Wallace dreamt of acquiring German citizenship to move back to Berlin, a city he loved and frequently visited.

Life of a Traveller

Wallace has been navigating life as an American Airlines gate agent at Kennedy Airport. His work allowed him to keep his passion for travel alive. According to his landlord, Mathew Macdonald, “Most of his friends lived outside of the US, and he often visited them.”

As his roommate, Ryan, added, “He wanted to live a life of travel. He maintained a schedule of working for a month and a half, then traveling for two or three weeks.”

Wallace’s associations spread far beyond work and travel. His friends from various walks of life paid tribute to him at the airport through sharing stories of his vibrant personality and love for art and music. One pregnant friend even declared her intent to name her baby after him.

Aftermath of the Accident

Among his friends who survived the crash, Brent “Breakfast” Grabowski, 34, and Kevin Jeffries, 29, suffered severe injuries requiring prolonged hospitalization. Their friends have organized GoFundMe campaigns to cover their medical expenses. Grabowski needed to have their spleen removed, while Jeffries was limited in his ability to speak and move.

As the investigation of the hit-and-run accident continues, the driver responsible and their passengers remain at large. As Wallace’s family and friends seek justice, they remember him as a “bright light” who continues to shine in their hearts. His explorative and vibrant spirit will be missed by many around the globe.

Source: [New York Daily News]


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