Knicks Eyeing $22M Bruce Brown Under Latest Pascal Siakam Trade

The recently confirmed Pascal Siakam trade to Indiana Pacers has stirred up interest in the New York Knicks camp for Bruce Brown. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Toronto Raptors are set to receive Brown, three first-round picks, and Jordan Nwora. This trade also includes the New Orleans Pelicans who will send Kira Lewis to the Raptors, allowing them to stay within the luxury tax threshold.

Key Takeaways:

– Toronto Raptors confirmed the Pascal Siakam trade to Indiana Pacers, creating interest from the New York Knicks for Bruce Brown.
– The Raptors will receive Bruce Brown, three first-round picks, and Jordan Nwora from the Pacers.
– Early in the offseason, the Knicks had shown interest in Brown, who signed with Indiana. Still, a possible future trade is not ruled out.
– Knick’s Coach, Tom Thibodeau, is particularly fond of players with Brown’s caliber.
– According to sources, the Knicks’ long-term plan includes adding a star, possibly via a trade this offseason.

Knicks Show Interest in Bruce Brown

The Raptors’ acquisition of Brown has alerted the Knicks. Fred Katz of The Athletic reported that in the past, the Knicks showed interest in Brown during the free agency period. The Knicks could seize this opportunity to bring onboard the highly regarded wing defender.

“Bruce Brown caught the attention of the Knicks early in the offseason. Despite eventually signing with Indiana, the interest from New York was undeniable. Coach Tom Thibodeau’s fondness for players of Brown’s caliber could prompt the Knicks to make a move”, revealed Steve Popper of Newsday Sports.

However, it remains uncertain if the Knicks will place a bet on another defense-heavy player or trade for a scorer to bolster their bench power.

Potential Trade Candidates for the Knicks

Fred Katz had previously listed nine potential trade candidates for the Knicks, and Brown was among them. Some of the potential trades suggested by Katz were Malcolm Brogdon of the Portland Trail Blazers, Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz, Terry Rozier from the Charlotte Hornets, Indiana Pacers’ Bruce Brown and T.J. McConnell, Atlanta Hawks’ Bogdan Bogdanović, Caris LeVert from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Tim Hardaway Jr of the Dallas Mavericks.

Long-term Plans for the Knicks

Katz also hinted at the Knicks long-term plan, which is to add a star player. Though the Knicks are hopeful for a trade featuring someone on a tradeable contract, they don’t expect this to happen before the deadline. Should a star player become available, they’ll undoubtedly be involved in the negotiation.

“The ideal situation for the Knicks this offseason is to add a star. But until then, they could trade for a player on a tradeable contract, as Indiana did with Brown,” Katz said.

According to league sources, the Knicks are likely to trade for a player with a salary in the teens or low $20 million to attract a franchise dealing away a star in June or July.

In light of the recent Anunoby trade, Quentin Grimes is the only young player the Knicks could potentially include in a deadline deal. If such a trade happens, they’d want someone on a tradeable contract—preferably a player with a salary in the teens or low $20 million—that would be attractive in exchange.

As the Pascal Siakam trade stirs up more attention and possibilities for changes, the Knicks are steadily keeping an eye on potential deals. While their eyes are on the prize—landing a star player—it’s only a matter of timing before they make the bold move. Until then, everyone is waiting with bated breath. One thing is for certain; the Pascal Siakam trade has revived much speculations.