New Jersey Man Arrested for Exploding Homemade Bombs As Business Feud Escalates

Escalating Business Feud Leads to Explosive Attack

A long-standing business rivalry escalated into an alarming crime as a New Jersey man and his ally triggered a homemade explosion. Damjan Stanivukovic, owner of Adria Industrial Piping, and his accomplice Vladamir Radunovic were apprehended on Friday. They are suspected of setting off the explosion on McLain St, Bedford, outside the home of a business rival, Westchester police confirm.

Key takeaways:
– Damjan Stanivukovic and Vladamir Radunovic were arrested for setting off a homemade bomb.
– The explosion was part of an escalation of a decade-long business feud.
– The intended victim is suspected to be Ernest Henick, CEO of Henick-Lane, a business rival of Stanivukovic’s company, Adria Industrial Piping.
– Investigators found evidence linking Stanivukovic to the explosive device.

Minor Damage and Major Implications

Luckily, the small-sized explosion on Thursday morning resulted in minor material damage, with no one hurt. The incident, seen as a startling escalation of a decade-long business feud, turned heads in the quiet Westchester County. While the police did not disclose the target’s identity in court documents, clues point toward a direful connection to a business dispute.

Feud Between Air-Conditioning Companies Revealed

Stanivukovic, a resident of Closter, N.J., serves as the president of Adria Industrial Piping, an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) company. The HVAC business world seems to house more heat than expected as Adria has been caught up in various lawsuits against Henick-Lane, Inc. These legal bouts have occurred since 2013. Henick-Lane, Inc. is another HVAC player with its head office in Queens, as per online court filings. Interestingly enough, Ernest Henick, Henick-Lane’s CEO, owns a residence on Bedford’s McLain St.

Concrete Evidence Emerges

Following the homemade explosive’s detonation on Thursday, investigators discovered a box carrying a shipping label with Stanivukovic’s name and address. The discovery provided a critical lead in the case. A search executed in his New Jersey home free unearthed fireworks akin to the explosive device and an instructional manual titled, “Make Fireworks and Explosives at Home.” This book adds another layer of suspicion to Stanivukovic’s involvement in this crime.

Police Surveillance Reveals More

Further investigation led police to surveillance footage showing Stanivukovic driving from Closter to Bedford on Thursday morning. Upon reaching their destination, Radunovic is seen placing a flaming box in the driveway. Rising suspicions were confirmed when the targeted individual received a threatening message that day during a police questioning session.

A Fiery Expression of Long-Standing Rivalry

This terrifying incident brings to light the intense hatred fertilized through a long-standing feud between HVAC companies in the region. While the explosion caused little material damage, the occurrence has shaken the local community and presents a significant escalation in a business rivalry. The apprehension of the suspects brings relief, and the legal procedures that follow would hopefully result in justice. At the same time, it stands as a reminder for businesses to address conflicts lawfully and ethically, ensuring the safety and harmony of the larger community.

Source: [New York Daily News]