NYPD Builds Case Against Woman Accused of Fatal Love Triangle Runover in Brooklyn

Key Takeaways:

– NYPD detectives are constructing a case against the driver involving a fatal Brooklyn hit-and-run tied to a love triangle.
– The victim, Shakira Serrano, was killed after an argument with her boyfriend in an East New York parking lot.
– Despite the circumstances and a detailed video account of the incident, police have not yet gathered enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant.
– Serrano’s boyfriend, seen wrestling with her in the recorded incident, won’t face charges as police have ruled out his involvement in her death.

Earlier this year, a shocking incident was caught on camera: a unlucky woman fatally run down by a car during a furious dispute involving a love triangle. The incident took place in a parking lot near a NYCHA establishment, the Pink Houses, located in East New York.

The Fatal Incident

The victim has been identified as 24-year-old Shakira Serrano. On January 11, she fell prey to an enraged motorist who, according to witnesses, was the wife of Serrano’s boyfriend. Despite knowing the identity of the aggressive driver, NYPD detectives are still assembling the necessary evidence to issue an arrest warrant.

The incident, entirely captured on video, portrays Shakira Serrano in a physical altercation with her boyfriend. Suddenly, the lethal force of a Mercury comes into the picture as the driver attempted to run Serrano over after an aggressive U-turn. Despite evading the initial attack, it didn’t end there.

The Horrifying Developments

Serrano managed to dodge the first attempted run-over and immediately confronted her boyfriend. Amidst the heated argument, her boyfriend pushed her onto the ground. With impeccable, but devastating timing, the Mercury swiftly turned around and charged at Serrano.

Within a span of seconds, the vehicle had pulled her several feet across the pavement before pausing on a street curb. Shakira, tragically, was dragged under the car as the seemingly heartless driver nonchalantly drove away, leaving a trail of chaos and an emotionally-distraught family behind.

Aftermath and Investigation

Wednesday marked a painfully ironic turn of events as Serrano’s relatives celebrated what would have been her 25th birthday. Her sudden and fatal fate has left her family, especially her mother, Maria Serrano, begging for justice. Maria has pleaded for the irate motorist to turn themselves into the police.

Serrano’s boyfriend was briefly taken into custody. After requesting a lawyer, the questioning promptly ended and he was later released. Due to a lack of evidence suggesting his involvement in Shakira’s death, the police have decided not to charge him.

Justice for Shakira

The nature of Shakira’s relationship with her boyfriend has been described as rocky, yet secretive, by her mother. The grieving parent indicated Shakira rarely spoke about her relationship, leading to a lack of clarity around the entire situation. Regardless of the complicated love triangle, the memory of Shakira Serrano lives on with a memorial set up in front of her home on Loring Ave.

As the NYPD diligently works to compile a case against the merciless driver, hopes of justice continue to linger in the air. Until then, Shakira’s memory serves as a painful reminder of the tragic repercussions of love, anger, and reckless driving.