Murder and Weapon Charges Brought Against Nehemiah Terry-Peterson

Nehemiah Terry-Peterson, a 23-year-old Harlem native, has been slapped with murder and weapon possession charges. The charges come after the fatal stabbing of his 74-year-old uncle, Beverly Simon, in their shared apartment, stated the police on Saturday.

Key Takeaways:
Harlem resident, Nehemiah Terry-Peterson, 23, stands charged with murder for allegedly killing his uncle with whom he shared an apartment.
– His uncle, Beverly Simon, 75, was found unresponsive with a fatal knife wound to his torso.
– Family feuds and financial disagreements are suspected as alleged causes of the dispute.
– Previous disturbance calls were made to the residence.

Tensions Rise, Resulting in Fatal Stabbing

The fatal incident took place inside their sixth-floor apartment located on W. 151st St. near Broadway on a Friday morning. Reportedly, Terry-Peterson and his uncle were in the midst of a heated argument when things took a turn for the worse. Terry-Peterson allegedly wielded a knife, promptly stabbing his uncle’s torso, police reported.

Upon arriving at the scene in response to a 911 call, police found Simon unconscious. He presented with a severe knife wound to his torso and was pronounced dead on the spot by medics.

Police Arrest and Evidence Collection

Terry-Peterson was immediately taken into police custody from the apartment. He was later formally charged. From the crime scene, police recovered two knives, indicating the severity of the fatal attack.

Long-term Family Dispute as Potential Motive

While the specific driver of the argument remains unclear, records indicate long-standing family feuds and financial disagreements. Vernon Terry, the lessee of the apartment, revealed that Simon had been a squatter in the apartment for the past nine years. Terry further lamented that Simon had consistently failed to contribute towards house expenses, causing friction.

Simon, characterized by Terry as a habitual gambler, seemed to be more focused on winning lotteries than paying his share of household expenses.

A History of Reported Disturbances at the Residence

According to police records, the officers had been called to the same residence thrice to attend to disturbances. Two calls were placed by Simon and one by Terry-Peterson. The superintendent of the Harlem rowhouse confirmed to The News the history of “constant fighting” within the dwelling.

In his account, the superintendent stated, “They almost killed each other last time… and nothing was done.” This unfortunate incident has opened a new chapter in their troubled history and left the community stunned. The investigation continues as the police further delve into the dynamics of the family contention and the specific triggers of this brutal incident.

The incident is a sobering reminder of the grim consequences that familial disputes can lead to if not managed healthily and effectively. Legal systems and social services’ role in preemptively identifying and intervening in such high-conflict scenarios is all the more underscored by such tragic events.